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        We Buy U.S. Currency from
        Sellers Across the Country

        We Accept Consignments For Stacks Bowers Auctions
        Email Us: ?Sales@AntiqueMoney.com or Call or Text: 864-430-4020

        • Send Us A Message:

        Thank you! -Manning Garrett

        Email, Call, or Text Us Today!

        about-us-pictureStep 1: ?Send Us A Picture

        Most of the value of collectible currency is based on its condition. ?We can’t get you a value without first knowing the condition of your banknote. ?You can send pictures via email or text:

        Email: ?Sales@AntiqueMoney.com
        Text: ?864-430-4020

        (If for some reason you couldn’t email or text, then you can fill out the contact form to the left side of this page in the navigation bar and we can get in touch with you that way)

        Step 2: ?Receive Our Offer

        We respond to all inquiries within a couple of hours (or much faster). ?We can tell you what we can pay for it privately or what we think it would sell for at our next currency auction. ?All of our information is freely provided and is based on years of experience in buying, selling, auctioning, and collecting rare banknotes.

        Step 3: ?Get Paid

        We can pay you for your items via check or paypal. ?For larger transactions we can pay via wire. ?Once you are happy funds have cleared to your satisfaction then you mail to us via USPS registered mail. ?Our main locations are in New York City and South Carolina. ?However, we have representatives in virtually all states and major U.S. cities. ?We can usually arrange for a local transaction if the value of the collection warrants that.