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        Value of One Dollar 1918 FRBNs

        Price Guide for 1918 One Dollar Banknotes

        Year:  1918

        Denomination:  One Dollar Bank Note

        Type:  Federal Reserve Bank Note (FRBN)

        $1 Bill Front Picture:

        Description:   Collectors call this a “flying eagle” bank note due to the back design.

        Seal Type:  All large size FRBNs have the same blue seal as seen above.

        Varieties:   There are 39 different types of 1918 federal reserve bank notes! The type is determined by the signature combination and issuing district.

        Portrait:  George Washington

        Value:  A lot of 1918 $1 bills are worth between $20 and $100. Bank notes that show very little wear can sell for around $150. Choice uncirculated notes have a wide range of values, and usually start at around $300. The issuing district and signature combination are very important. We can’t address all the variables here, but if you have a high grade 1918 $1 bill or a star note, then you should definitely contact us to receive an exact value.


        We buy all of these 1918 $1 bank notes from The United States. The seal type, signature combination, serial number, and condition are very important. We have to see pictures in order to provide any value information. You can text pictures to 864-430-4020. You can also attach pictures to an email message. Please give us a chance to make an offer. The value might surprise you in a good way.